Sunday, December 31, 2006

Smoked Pork BBQ - Part 5 - smoking continues

The pork is 7 hours into the process. I'm actually having the opposite problem this time than over the summer. Since it was so cold out this morning, I had a little trouble keeping the temperature up. The result should be just as good (we'll see), but I'm using a heck of a lot more fuel. Also, the wood chunks are burning faster than I expected - so perhaps more of those will be be used as well. It's almost 12:30 and the smoking is in a nice groove. I'll probably smoke for another few of hours, then wrap.

As I said, there's as school of thought out there that says a piece of meat can actually be "saturated" with smoke. Meaning that it doesn't matter how much longer you smoke it, the smoky flavor will not actually increase. Also, wrapping in foil will actually allow enhance the tender texture of the pork. Either way, here's how things looked at high noon. If you need something to read in the meantime - here's a great site with pork butt tips.

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Kelly said...

What time are you having us over?? Just kidding!!! I hope you both have a wonderful new year, and that your Christmas was good too! Tell the red head I said hello.