Monday, December 11, 2006

Salmon Salad

No, not salmon made into a sandwich type salad - ala tuna. But it's a Sam's Club salmon fillet grilled and placed atop a pre-bagged salad with Newman's Own light honey mustard dressing, toasted sesame seeds, crunchy oriental noodles, and raisins (the redhead left those off).
It's easy, fast (10 minutes), healthy, and satisfying. There are a number of variations we use. Sometimes we use sesame ginger dressing, sometimes ranch. On other occasions we top it with sauted shrimp.

A very tasty meal - please ignore the ugly desk I used for the picture.


You know who said...

Is there some way I can filter this blog to exclude the dead sea creature entries?!?!? Yuck!! Why would you do something like that to a perfectly good salad?!?!?

GDS said...

Thanks for the tag idea. Didn't even think about using Seafood. Not sure if you'll be able to filter, but I'm pretty sure you can search!

Keep this up un-named troublemaker and there'll be a blog out there with your name on it

Anonymous said...

Looks like some yummy cow mein type noodles are placed on top!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I mean chow - not cow.