Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cube Chili

Today is the IT Christmas Pot Luck. Cube-rats from the 3rd and 1st floor are bringing in a wide variety of sharable size yummies. This is one of the most serious pot-lucks around - we start with breakfast items go through lunch, and then bring out various cookies and deserts.

For the past few years I've brought my super-spicy turkey chili. This is sortof my specialty, and definitely one of my favorite things to make. It's all about good ingredients and layered flavor. Anyway - the first year, most people didn't even realize it was ground turkey and not ground beef.

I made this year's batch last night after V-ball, stick it in the fridge, and now it's heating up in my cube in our new crock pot - 6 quarter with locking lid. Certainly, I'm breaking all kinds of company rules! Here's a pic as I arrived at work about an hour ago. I have more from the prep that I'll post later after I actually get some work done.

Got about 5 hours to go...

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