Thursday, December 7, 2006

Queen of where?


Yup Queen of Farts - my latest hot sauce find. This one is made by CA John's. I purchased this sauce at my favorite shop on the Outer Banks - Try My Nuts - a place originally known for it's nut products, such as Nuts on Fire. Lately I've been into their brittle products, but they also carry a large selection of hot sauce.

I look for more than heat in a hot sauce - it's got to taste good, give a kick, and be all natural. No guar gum, carrageenan, or anything unpronounceable intended to thicken, thinen, or preserve. Chills, spices, other produce, vinegar. That's pretty much all I want to see on the label.

I just checked the fridge and I've got 14 different hot condiments, mostly sauce, but also chili paste, and spicy mustard. A few are home-made, and a few need to be tossed because I really don't like them a lot.

Here's why I love Queen of Farts. First of all, it's delicious. It's got a nice complex fruitiness and of course a fine kick. I liken it to a Dr. Pepper of hot sauce, with many fruit flavors combined in just the right blend (banana, citrus fruits, curry).

I was surprised that I liked this stuff - but I'm glad I studied the ingredients because that's why I bought it. It tasted awfully good on a ham steak - but it might get lost in a taco or salsa. Whatever the case, I normally shy away from gimmick sauces with gimmick names. Make something vinegary and hot, stick it in a bottle with a comical name and make some money. Not my kind of thing. I spent about 20 minutes browsing sauces and most of them had to be disqualified.

But not the Queen of Farts. Bowel down to her greatness or you will be blown a faceful of gas.

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