Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Why I need good food

Just in case you were not aware, I'm on my way down in the weight category - having lost about 25-30 lbs over the past 8-9 months. A very very slow weight loss. Many weeks go by with no change or even a slight up-tick. I've got about 15-20 lbs to go to get to my goal weight.

I've done this with 2 major changes in my eating habbits.

1) I learned to like diet soda. It took a while, but I'm actually now at the point where I don't really like non-diet soda

2) I completely changed what I eat during the day at work. I bring along about 6 items of 50-150 calories each, and eat them every 1.5-2 hours. This keeps my matabolism going, and I end the day having eaten about 650 calories before heading home. Then, I have a decent dinner and a snack in the evening (not necessarily in that order). On weekend, I'm just simply careful, but not obsessive.

Here's my lunch today:

Youll notice a 110 calorie yogurt, a 100 calorie pack of doritos (a godsend), a single serving of pretzels, and little cups of puddin and jello. There's a ice pack and a couple of Diet Dr. Peppers uner the food. Another good reason to eat this way is I don't feel so guilty when a co-worker brings in treats (notice the brownie bites back there on my Oracle book).

So, this is my lunch pretty much every day. Varying up the snacks and yogurt flavors, tossing in a microwave soup once in a while, and occasionally some re-heated leftovers. It's tedious, but it's not horrible, especially because it works. Not to mention it's cheap as all get out - I'm spending less than 2 bucks a day on lunch.

But - it also makes me appreciate cooking with real ingredients at home, and finding creative and flavorful recipes. It's almost like my taste buds have become more aware of what's coming accross them and have asked me to reward them for putting up with this nonsense during the work day. So, I'll oblidge and share some of my food experiences with the blogosphere (geez, I thought I'd never use that word).

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Jeremy said...

As far as the diet thing goes, M has me hooked on Coke Zero. I really can't tell it's diet. We also like Fresca, which is a diet drink, even though they don't put diet on the can. As far as the munchies go, I try to take a bag of carrots to work, then I can crunch and not worry.