Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Restaurant Review - 5th Street Diner

Consider this my first restaurant review. I'm writing about 5th Street Diner because it's kindof our latest regular place to go, particularly with our current slim budget requirements. The wife and I rarely spend more more than 20 bucks including tip.

No - you won't get a gourmet meal at 5th Street Diner. What you will get is a reliably good plate of grub (and darn good soup), a clean booth or table, and good service. They also grind their own beef - which makes for a great burger.

If you like Gyro's - visit 5th Street Diner. There's only one place I've been that makes better ones (at the Ephrata Fair), and most restaurants don't really know what their doing. They make a good french dip, and a real grilled ham and cheese. You know - where the ham is grilled before becoming part of the sandwich.

So, if you're in the Reading area, head up to 5th Street diner, situated between Sam's and Walmart on 5th Street in Temple.

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Jeremy said...

Ya know, I've lived in the area for like 20 years now, and I have NEVER eaten there. Maybe now's the time.