Saturday, December 30, 2006

Smoked Pork BBQ - Part 1 - The Rub

I've decided to bring you along for the ride as I prepare smoked pork BBQ for New Year's Eve.

I prefer a North Carolina Style BBQ - using a pork butt roast (don't worry, it's actually a shoulder roast). My wife's family hails from the Winston-Salem area, very close to Lexington - the BBQ capital of the world. In that part of NC, BBQ means very slow wood smoking, and a vinegar based sauce. There are a number of places that have great Q, but my favorite is called Speedy Lohr's in Arcadia. Not to be confused with the dozen or so other places called Speedy's in that region. If your ever traveling and have a hankering for decent BBQ, just make sure you see a wood pile somewhere on the property. The only thing I don't like about Lexington BBQ is the bread. They usually just serve cheapo hamburger rolls. These lousy rolls show up all across the Southern US as well.

One great thing about the fact that I love BBQ is that our best-o-friends also love BBQ. They'll be joining us for what I hope will be a festive evening with some fine chow.

The proper pork butt does take some time - a bit of prep, and 10 or so hours of smoking. I also like to use a tasty rub - one that will make a nice crust. So, I picked up a 6.8 lb roast at the Fairgrounds Farmer's Market today. I could blog several posts on that place alone! Anyway - I rubbed the roast with a mixture of sugar, brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, chili powder, cayenne, and cumin. It's all wrapped tight in foil and making itself happy in our fridge. My mouth is watering already!
Sorry 'bout the glare...

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mel said...

You have to have Texas bbq. Big massive smokers on the sides of the road. Pull up, get a brisket, the whole cow, or what have you. Best sauce you'll ever have. Even when you just eat in a Texan's home, you'll have the best bbq in the world. They know their meat and how to cook it. ;) Ask Jer someday to tell you the story of the "ribs."