Monday, January 1, 2007

Smoked Pork BBQ - Part 6 - the pulling

The feast is over, it's a New Year, and I look forward to continuing my quest for a hollow leg. In the mean time, here's a wrap up of the BBQ.

At about 4PM, I wrapped the roast in heavy duty aluminum foil and stuck it in a warm oven for another hour. This was mostly so I could prep the grill for grilling some wings (more on that some other time). The temp became much easier to maintain during the day as I added charcoal and wood chunks almost exactly once an hour. This means a total smoke time of 11 hours, and continued roasting for another 1 hour wrapped. Oh yah, then another 90 minutes or so resting on the counter, still inside the foil. After unwrapping, the pork was still steaming hot and smelled fantastic.

The darn thing nearly fell apart as I transferred it to a cutting board for the pulling. The crust was sweet and peppery, and the inside was moist and smoky - exactly what I was looking for. Four of us feasted on the pork and sauces below, and we still have enough left-overs for another meal's worth (some sent some home with our guests) for everyone. I used almost an entire bag of charcoal (6 bucks), a bag of wood chunks(5 bucks). Add that to the pork itself (12 bucks) and we ended up with what should be 8-10 meals for 23 bucks (not including rub and sauce ingredients - which were all pantry items anyway). Smoking large hunks of meat might just be the most affordable way to eat! Anyone interested in joining me for a giant brisket sometime?