Friday, January 19, 2007

Tagged by a foodie!!!

Perhaps you've all seen tag played in the blogosphere. If you skip around from blog to blog learning and reading, and commenting, you end up with what I call blog-o-buddies. People that you wouldn't otherwise know, but happened across their blog and put it into your regular rotation. Well, Kate (In the Kitchen) tagged me recently, so here it goes...

6 Weird Food Things About Myself

1) I am addicted to chocolate and often crave it like fool. Dark chocolate and anything combined with peanut butter really get me. This addiction started about 6 months ago with a craving for dark chocolate nonpareils.

2) I pretended to only like sushi, when I actually loved it. I was treated to it for the first time by a work associate, and I didn't want to freak out my wife - who's grossed out by it.

3) I tasted cat food a few times when I was little, even once as a teenager.

4) Spoon pizza is one of my favorites. Yah, spoon pizza. It's easy to make when you're prepping real pizza or with leftover ingredients. It's exactly what you're thinking. Just enough sauce, toppings, and cheese to fit on a spoon. What a great snack. A good friend tipped me off to spoon ice cream sundaes as well. The red-head claims to have introduced me to spoon pizza, but I don't remember this event. I'm pretty sure I coined the term.

5) Speaking of which - I love ice cream, sundaes, and milk shakes. But I hate banana splits. Can't really explain it.

6) I love to eat spicy food to any level of hot-ness (I'm also a little obsessed). I've got a bumper sticker for eating atomic wings at Quaker Steak and Lube to prove my love for serious heat. They were gross by the way. Hot as all get out, but gross.

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