Sunday, January 7, 2007

A very special sausage

A couple of posts ago - I asked about some of your food interests. I you did not get a chance to respond, I'd love to hear from you. I'm the type of person that loves to try local and ethnic cuisine made the way locals would try it. So I often seek out recipes, ask advice from "those in the know." This often leads to game meats, which is really why I asked the question. For a lot of my co-workers, hunting is a big part of their lives, so while the game meat might not be a huge part of their diet, it does become traditional for them.

At any rate, I'm not really into game meat, but I did come across this web site for exotic meats. I'm not sure if I would actually buy any of this stuff, but I had to share this lovely sausage product that you can enjoy for the low price of $11.40/lb!

That's right, it's kangaroo sausage. Don't worry, it's not going to end up on my grill anytime soon. Any one know why it's kindof blue-ish purple? That's just plain weird!

Oh yah - for another laugh, take a look at how they identify the yak patties.

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Sara Laughs said...

Seeking restaurants that serve exotic meats has become a favorite game of ours. He rarely picks the exotic dinner but I think he likes trying to find the restaurants for me. So far I think our favorite was the Unicorn Cafe - I got something funky, he got steak LOL. I know I read you like to try places off the beaten path. You might like it.