Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peanut Butter Eggs

Happy Early Easter everyone!

After my review of Speckled Hen I was thinking about doing a post about all time favorites. The kind of post that would include not just favorite foods but favorite actual dishes. Not just favorite food, but the actual best version of that food. One thing that will be sure to make the list will be our church's chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. Some of the wonderful ladies of the congregation make these just before lent to be sold at the same time as our fastnachts. They also make coconut eggs, but I'm just not as into that. I really love chocolate peanut butter combo. Obviously, I love Reese's, but my favorite is Watchamacallit.

Anyway, the mixture is pretty much just peanut butter and cream cheese. They ladies carefully measure and roll out each egg and allow them to set a bit.

Then the mixture is dipped in a slightly dark chocolate mixture. I think the real secret here is the Wilbur Chocolate - made in nearby Lititz.

Then the eggs are cooled, trimmed - yup trimmed to perfection, then packed for sale. I can't even express how good these are. If I had to list my top five foods anywhere anytime - these would make the cut.


Kate said...

peanut butter and chocolate is God's most amazing combination....i could eat it until i ballon into a gorilla

mel said...

Not a huge fan of the peanut butter/chocolate combo. Sometimes i just gotta have it, other times it's like, eh...a'ight. But watchimacallits? Or Take fives? Oh, I love those. I also LOVE homemade chocolate peanut butter eggs...and the coconut ones. But really, is there much better in life than any kind of homemade easter egg? Ok...maybe there is, but at this time of year, it's up there on my list of favs.